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Co-Creation, A New Way of Doing Business


The name of our company is no accident. When Kathy Deacon, Co-Creative Consulting's Founder and CEO, began envisioning this company she had a deep understanding that collaboration is the key to success in so many areas of life. While we are good at what we do at Co-Creative Consulting, helping entrepreneurs and business owners enhance business performance and unleash personal and professional potential, and we can be your valuable partner, you know your goals and aspirations best. For this reason, we know that the most valuable strategies and solutions will always arise in deep collaboration with you. At Co-Creative Consulting, we call this collaborative process Co-Creation...and, voilà, our company name was born.


Co-Creation replaces the hierarchical approach to management and the linear approach to innovation, and affords all stakeholders the possibility to influence and bring forth valuable, meaningful, and relevant solutions in a collaborative environment. Co-creation results in the development of goods, services, and experiences that are uniquely designed to meet your particular needs, values, meaning, and context. We are very proud of this approach and know that this is what truly sets us apart from others who are doing the same kind of work.  |  Tel: 202-480-0715

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