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Kathy Deacon, Founder & CEO, Co-Creative Consulting, LLC

So, who is Kathy Deacon? The short story is that I am a serial entrepreneur with nearly 30 years of experience in business development, marketing, and training. I am also a mother; friend; life-long student of all that I can possibly learn; business and personal development strategist; coach; trainer; and a grant/proposal management/writing guru.


I live intentionally. I laugh loudly. I serve willingly. 


I am grateful for all that each moment holds. This is true whether I am working with my clients to co-create strategies that help them take their businesses and/or professional and personal lives to the next level, spending time with family/friends, practicing meditation and yoga, writing, painting, gardening, or cooking really awesome vegan meals. 


In a sentence, I am grateful to be fully alive and intentionally living the life of my dreams. 


Instead of the classic recap of my business credentials in this space, It is more important to me that each person who visits this page feels as if they know me a little better. This way we can begin working on the important stuff, relationship building, right away!


I know that my background and experience matter, so you can find a fairly comprehensive review of my professional experience at . 


More years ago than even I can believe at this point, my professional path started with me pursing a nursing degree. While providing care to those who were facing health challenges provided food for the nurturing part of who I am, my entrepreneurial and creative sides were feeling mostly undernourished.


When I was presented with an exciting, albeit challenging, opportunity to grow a regionally based franchise operation of a national membership based sports organization I dove in head first. I served as Director of that organization for nearly 15 years. I regularly kept the organization in the top 2% of franchise performers and was twice selected as the National Director of the Year. My service in this position taught me the importance of building relationships and what a big part those relationships play in not only growing a successful business but in all aspects of life.


Subsequently, for nearly 15 years, I had the pleasure of serving in management positions in the business development and marketing arena for several pretty remarkable companies in Washington, D.C. Most recently, I served as the Executive Director for a non-profit focused on micro-lending and entrepreneur and small business support services.


I am now providing business, marketing, and grant/proposal consulting and training services to individuals, entrepreneurs, start-ups, small businesses, non-profit organizations, and corporations through Co-Creative Consulting.


I am grateful for the relationships developed in and through the many opportunites I have been given. I am also extremely grateful to those people who have served as mentors to me over the years. I set a daily intention to pay that forward.


Thank you to all of you who trust Co-Creative Consulting to co-create so many cool things with you everyday.


To the relationships that are yet to be developed, I look forward to meeting you, getting to know you, and if the fit is right, to co-creating with you. 


With deep gratitude,

Kathy Deacon


Photo Credit: Sera Petras 


I am grateful for so many opportunities to use my experience and gifts to work with such amazing businesses and individuals on co-creative endeavors that enhance business performance and unleash human potential!


What could possibly be more fun or rewarding? 



"Kathy is superb at connecting with people. I always felt motivated to contribute a little bit more, a little bit better, when working with Kathy. I hope we get the chance to work together again."


Daniel Potash

Deloitte Consulting LLP

Kathy is upbeat, positive, and has an amazing ability to make you feel completely at ease. It was great to look at my life through a completely different lens and end our session feeling so fulfilled and positive about who I am. For that I will be forever grateful. The time spent with Kathy was fun, relaxed, extremely informative, and very productive. I highly recommend trying a coaching session with Kathy. I promise you won't be disappointed."

Amy Donohue-Young

Private Coaching Client  |  Tel: 202-480-0715

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