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Why hire a business or marketing consultant?

As a serial entrepreneur herself, the founder of Co-Creative Consulting understands all to well that starting or growing a business can be a stressful undertaking.

Most entrepreneurs and small business owners are highly skilled at multi-tasking - and they are very proud of that!

They are accustomed to doing nearly everything themselves. Unfortunately, this tactic does not usually bode well for a business. 


Knowing when to call in additional resources can be the single most important thing you can do to make sure that your business is started or grows in the most efficient and effective way.

We work with our clients to co-create solutions for strategy, planning, innovation, and problem solving. We help them develop business skills and knowledge; and we help them create success through personal development strategies including leadership, team building, time management, and moving from procrastination to action.

Why would you hire Co-Creative Consulting as your business/marketing/grant/proposal/training consultant of choice?


  • You don't have the time or the resources for implementation on your own

  • You need additional  skill sets not currently available

  • You need a seasoned change agent

  • You need access to best practices

  • You need a clear, unbiased perspective

  • You need fresh, new ideas

  • You need results-oriented focus

If you find yourself in any of the situations above please don't hesitate to contact us for a free consultation to discuss our service offerings and how we might add value to your endeavors.



Our Business and Marketing Services


We will work with your team to facilitate a dynamic strategic planning process to provide a sense of direction and outline measurable goals for your business or organization.


Strategic planning is a valuable and important tool to guide your day-to-day decisions and to evaluate your progress and changing approaches when moving forward. In order to make the most of strategic planning, we will help you to outline your strategic objectives, and make sure these goals are supported with realistic, thoroughly researched, quantifiable benchmarks for evaluating results.


The importance of having a plan or "road map" for your business cannot be overstated. If you conduct a Google search on why businesses don't succeed, you will find that 9 out of 10 search results state "failure to have a strong business plan" as the main culprit.   


We can help you develop a comprehensive business plan which will outline your business identity (purpose including, mission, vision, values), the problem your company products and/or services will solve, your target market, the competition, sales channels, marketing activities, revenue, expenses, milestones, team and key roles, and your partners and other resources. 



Did you create a digital marketing strategy for this year and beyond? If not, then did you at least consider the importance of a marketing strategy this year?

Don’t worry, it’s not too late!

The benefits of having a marketing plan are many and include: outpacing your competitors, gaining market share over existing businesses and startups, gaining and retaining customers, opportunities for better targeting and optimization, successful execution of your business strategy that will reduce the threat of competitors.

We will work with your team to create a marketing plan based on your business objectives.



Many businesses are laser focused on the next sales goal or meeting year end numbers and they forget the vital step of training.

Great training can lay the foundation for more knowledgeable employees and increased sales. It can also decrease costly employee turnover.

In fact HR Magazine indicated that companies who invested $1,500 or more per year on training per employee averaged 24 percent higher profit than companies who invested less in training. 

We offer a myriad of high quality, experiential training modules that are designed to unleash personal and professional potential.  |  Tel: 202-480-0715

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