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Pitching isn’t just for sales professionals, writers, public relations professionals, or entrepreneurs seeking venture capital cash. We all pitch, all the time. Cover letters are pitches. Party invites are pitches. Asking someone out on a date is a pitch. Job interviews are pitches. Networking is pitching. PItching is a valuable skill that all of us need to hone.


The problem with most pitches is that they are either

  • Overloaded with technology and jargon, or

  • Lacking in substance, or

  • Both

No amount of slick graphics or trendy buzzwords can fix these issues. Walk into an investor or customer meeting or a job interview with a pitch like that and chances are you will walk out with nothing.

The goals and objectives of this 1-day workshop curriculum include answering the 10 Questions  listed in the workshop outline below in a highly experiential format:

The purpose of our work in this workshop is to help you to make a compelling case to someone who has a resource that you need (time, money,  job, referral, etc.) to invest the resource with you, and to do so in just 10 minutes.


Obviously, (almost) no one is going to write you a major check or give you a highly sought after job after a 10 minute pitch, but it is possible to stick out from the crowd of others who are pitching to the same people. To succeed, you need to understand your audience and speak their language, something that is simple to say but not easy to do.


The good news is that this approach will serve you well whenever you are pitching - which is to say: whenever you want someone to do something they weren’t already planning to do. Investor pitches, grant proposals, customer sales pitches, pitches to potential partners, interviewing for a job... you name it and the Art of Pitching approach will help you to be successful.




Contact us today to find out how you can bring the Art of the Pitch Workshop to your community, or organization. We have included the standard workshop outline below. All training can be tailored to meet your specific needs. 



Anyone who needs to pitch for anything: 

  • Entrepreneurs  who want to go on a road show

  • Intrapreneurs seeking funding for innovative projects they have researched and developed

  • Government employees who need to pitch to department heads for budget allocations

  • Founders who are recruiting advisory board members or team members

  • Biz dev professionals pitching to potential partners

  • Sales professionals who need to land customers

  • Individuals who need to pitch themselves in interviews and networking events


Participants should come to the workshop with a pitch idea or be ready to develop a pitch idea during the workshop.




Day 1: Nine Hours

  1. Why should I, the audience care? - understanding your audience and how to appeal to them

  2. What do you do? - pitching your "secret sauce" while protecting your intellectual property

  3. Why are you better? - highlighting your advantages in terms of benefits across all dimensions of competition

  4. How will you stay better? - addressing your intellectual property strategy and status in your pitch

  5. Is it real or is it vaporware? - validating your innovation and showing where you are on the product risk spectrum

  6. How will you make money? or How will you add value? - pitching your position in the value chain and your business model

  7. How much will you make? or How much value you will add? - showing how you will improve your bottom line and/or that of your customers over time

  8. Why you? - describing the capabilities of yourself or your extended team for executing the plan

  9. What will you do? - showing your development plan

  10. How much will it cost? - making the ask  |  Tel: 202-480-0715

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