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We are proud to be trained as facilitators for the AIR:Shift methodology through the AIR Institute at Berea College.


Unlike other professional development programs, AIR:Shift Workshops are a transformative experience for participants. The workshops are totally unique in bringing together emerging artists, professional artists, and business professionals. More than two years were spent developing and piloting the curriculum used in the AIR:Shift Workshops.


The Goals of the curriculum include:

  • Economically empowered creatives achieve professional and artistic success

  • By expanding and engaging creativity, the community thrives and artists are valued as strategic contributors

  • Creativity is encouraged and fostered in educating our youth

The objectives of the curriculum include:

  • Creatives acquire non-art skills to enhance their creative expression and support their art-making

  • Creatives have new opportunities like residencies, apprenticeships, internships, and visiting artist and mentoring programs

  • Creatives have lifelong access to art and business skills, resources, and networks, including coaches and mentors

  • Community members, including educators, have access to interactive arts experiences and creativity skill development programs

In this highly experiential 3-day workshop, participants will experiment with new ways of thinking and being. There are six key competencies that will be addressed during the workshop. They include:

The Paradigm Shift - Participants will be able to articulate a new vision for arts and creativity that includes innovation and increased community value for creatives. Participants will be able to plan new career paths for creatives and use creativity to help innovate businesses and solve community issues and problems.

Business Planning - Participants will be able to write and implement a business plan, including visioning, defining success, identifying audience and customers, marketing and operations strategies, testing and refining, and creating a viable revenue model.

Design Thinking, Planning, and Management - Participants will be able to use the Design Thinking process to visualize, plan, and implement a project to successul completion, on time and on budget. They will be able to create, develop, and articulate a project concept.

Access between Community & Creatives - Community members and creatives know how to find each other and work together.

Collaboration - Participants will develop cooperation and teamwork while participating in a group, working toward mutually beneficial solutions. They will be able to accomodate the different ways creativity manifests itself - visioning, innovating, experimenting, etc. when working with others on creative projects.

Creative Thinking - Participants will be able to synthesize solutions - combining separate elements to form a coherent whole. They will be able to solve problems iteratively within the context of design thinking.

Additional Key Competencies - Communication, Marketing, Social Media, Mentoring, Using Technology, Revenue and Fund Development, Sales, Finance & Bookkeeping, Interactive Artes Experiences and Exposure, Human Resources, Emotional Intelligence, Legal, Board, and Advisor development.





Contact us today to find out how you can bring the AIR:Shift Workshop to your community, or organization. We have included the standard workshop outline below. All training can be tailored to meet your specific needs.  




Creatives, Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, and anyone interested in the emergence of more vibrant and enterprising communities through the generation of greater value for the arts and creativity.



Heart and minds that are open to the possibilities that arise when art and business become partners.




Day 1: Four Hours

  • Welcome and Orientation

  • The Paradigm Shift

  • Who Are We?

  • Tell Your Story

  • Art Builds Business Builds Art

  • Design Thinking & Community Collaboration Project

Day 2: Nine Hours

  • Breakfast and Networking

  • Welcome and Community Collaboration

  • Team Building

  • Right Brain Strength Training

  • Building the Project Overview

  • Lunch

  • Research Tools

  • Marketing Strategy

  • Project Operations

  • Prototyping, Testing, and Refining

  • Presentation Preparation and Skills

Day 3: Four-Six Hours

  • Welcome and Review

  • Presentation Preparation

  • Project Presentations

  • Working Lunch/Video Inspiration

  • Concurrent Sessions: Action Plan, Shift Statement, Licensing

  • Individual Coaching

  • Creative Confidence Wrap Up

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