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When a sports team is working well together, it can feel like magic. We've all experienced it, either as a team member or as a fan. Fortunately, you do not have to be Michael Jordan or Mia Hamm to have the skills you need to build and lead high performing teams in your organization.

An important leadership competency for any size organization, the ability to build and lead high performing teams is especially critical in small-to-midsize businesses. Here, people must work closely together, wear many hats, and work effectively across the organization to get tasks accomplished quickly enough to remain competitive.


This 1-day workshop will take participants on a journey of self and team discovery to build trust, honesty, respect, and better working relationships to dramatically enhance their teams performance. The workshop will enable participants to identify their own strengths and weakness as well as understand their colleagues better and develop their team purpose and focus. The group of participants will collaboratively establish a positive plan of action to take forward. This workshop will also assist participants in building their resilience to stress so they are better equipped to manage change professionally and productively.



This workshop will provide each team member with:

  • A better understanding of themselves and how they relate to others

  • A mapped out strategic vision and its pillars

  • A sense of direction and purpose

  • An understanding of how to create and sustain optimum performance within their team

  • The ability to effectively manage and adapt to change

  • A full 360 feedback and the development of an action plan



Contact us today to find out how you can bring the Building and Leading Effective Teams Workshop to your community, or organization. We have included the standard workshop outline below. All training can be tailored to meet your specific needs. 



Anyone who is interested in developing their team dynamics.



Day 1: Eight Hours

Communication Styles

  • Group exercise and quiz to find out what communication style each member of the team has

  • Discovery to find out how each team member works, what their strength and weaknesses are

  • Find out how to communicate to get the best out of each person

  • Actions for each person and the team moving forward


Developing Vision, Strategy and Purpose

  • Team behaviors: Agreement and understanding on what the behaviours are and how they are to be implemented

  • The Octavia Way – Respect, Responsiveness, and Reliability


Building Trust

  • Individual and group exercise to use trust techniques to increase speed, efficiency, and happiness in the team (Based on the work of Stephen MR Covey)

  • Trust traps

  • Trust techniques

  • Trust at work

  • The trust equation

  • 4 cores of credibility

  • 13 Actions that build trust

  • Communication, trust, and working together


Introduction to coaching and active listening

  • Learn simple coaching and active techniques to help build stronger relationships and empower colleagues

  • Practice exercises in small groups/pairs


Working at your best

  • Building your resilience to stress and pressures

  • Making sure your beliefs are useful and aligned with team’s vision and purpose and values

  • Reinforce the importance of confidentiality


Developing a team plan and contract

  • Time to reflect and create a team contract, team development, and team maintenance behaviors

  • Individual and team actions  |  Tel: 202-480-0715

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