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Meetings have the potential to be inspiring! They provide a space where people come together for a common purpose – whether that's making decisions, exploring a shared problem or providing mutual support. Ideally, everyone leaves a meeting feeling heard, understood and positive about the group and any plans or decisions you have made.

However, most of us have experienced meetings that are less than ideal! They drag on and on, with tempers running high, people talking over each other and no decisions being made. Or maybe one person dominates the meeting, leaving everyone else to wonder why they even turned up.

Meetings are a critical part of working culture. Effective meetings save time and money. When meetings are facilitated well the attendees feel more empowered which increases their engagement and subsequent willingness to implement the action list.

Facilitation is about taking responsibility for making meetings as easy and effective as possible. In this workshop we explore the concept of facilitation and how it can help in creating positive and successful meetings.

This 1/2-day workshop will provide a list of tools and processes that can be used in different situations to get the required results. Participants will not only understand what is required of them in their role as a facilitator, they will also develop the core skills of facilitating.

Course Objectives:


This one day workshop develops great facilitators that can be utilized by businesses or organizations to add real value to meeting effectiveness.




Contact us today to find out how you can bring the Facilitating Effective Meetings Workshop to your community, or organization. We have included the standard workshop outline below. All training can be tailored to meet your specific needs. 



This workshop is designed for anyone who would like to learn the art of meeting facilitation to and how running an effective meeting can save time and money. 



Day 1: Eight Hours

What is facilitation?

  • The definition

  • The benefits

  • The guiding principles

  • When to facilitate

  • How to design meetings


Core practices

  • Recording

  • Neutrality

  • Active listening

  • Paraphrasing

  • Summarizing

  • Questioning

  • Synthesizing

  • Testing Assumptions

  • Receiving feedback


How to start and end a meeting


Running break-out exercises

  • The types of exercises

  • Your role

  • How to debrief the exercises


Facilitation Tools

  • Issue identification tools

  • Problem solving tools

  • Decision making tools

  • Goal setting tools


How to manage when things go wrong

  • Conflict

  • Unwillingness to reach a decision

  • Non-participation  |  Tel: 202-480-0715

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