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A couple of questions for you...

Are you leading a balanced life?

Are you feeling productive and engaged in your personal and/or professional endeavors,

Or, like a lot of people, are you just going through the motions in an attempt to get through your day? 

I invite you to explore that a little more deeply...

Mentally record a "yep, that's me" or a "nope, doesn't resonate" for each of the following statements

  • Stress and anxiety have begun to feel normal.

  • There isn't much that excites me about  my day to day life, I find myself looking forward to sleeping, browsing the internet, watching TV, or just getting through whatever I'm doing.

  • I'd like to get my creative juices flowing, but it seems someone left an empty juice bottle in the fridge.

  • I am showing up for work everyday but I don't feel very engaged. Receiving my paycheck is the only thing that keeps me motivated.

  • Even though I keep checking things off my to do list, it doesn't feel like I are getting much done.

  • My days all blur together and I am likely to ask, "Is this Tuesday or Thursday?"

  • When I see "free time" in my schedule I am too tired or unmotivated to do anything interesting with it.

  • When asked "How are you?", "Meh.", would be my authentic answer.

  • I fantasize about getting away ...and not just away on vacation.

  • I'd like to add something new to my life, but I'm sure that I'll never have enough time and/or energy for it.

  • Even though I think I'd be happier if I made a change, it's easier and more comfortable to stay where I am. I may even get some enjoyment out of complaining about it a little bit.  

  • I am constantly playing small even though I know I can play a bigger game.

  • I just can't seem to put an actionable plan together for my life. I feel really stuck.

  • I know that it will take passion, willpower, commitment, persistence, and guts to turn my life around and I don't feel up to the challenge.

  • I am procrastinating big important decisions and actions and instead I am focused on the minutia.

  • I am setting unrealistic goals for myself and others.

  • I am using "I am to busy" as an excuse to avoid doing things that really matter.

  • I am giving away my time and my power to people and situations that do not add any value to my personal or business "bottom line". 

  • I have so many balls in the air and I am having a hard time deciding what to prioritize. It all seems so important.

If most of your answers were "yep, that's me" then it is likely that you are stuck in a pretty challenging place and you aren't feeling very inspired by your life ...which means you aren't living your the fullest expression of your self and the opportunity to inspire others isn't available to you.



In fact... was not so long ago that I answered "yep, that's me" to every single item on that checklist. It was in that moment of realization that I became intensely aware of just how off track everything had gotten, I had to come face to face with my greatest obstacle...MYSELF.


It wasn't that I couldn't white knuckle it through another 12 to 15-hour day at a job that I wasn't feeling passionate about. It wasn't that I couldn't continue to ignore the physical and emotional toll that stress and anxiety were taking on me. But, I knew I had a choice to make.  I could stay where I was, or I could decide to choose another path forward.

In that moment, I made the choice that we all must make if we want to live inspired and fulfilled lives...

I chose to take complete responsibility for all of the realities in my life!

Was the transition from there to where I am today an easy one?



Scaling the Rocks

Most days I felt like I was climbing a mountain that had no summit. Chipping away at my old habits and patterns was an uncomfortable, slow, and methodical process.


I got really clear on what my mission and values are. I wrote out a short-term and a long-term plan and I continue to tweak them. I take small actionable steps every single day. I found and continue to work with mentors, coaches, and accountability partners. I am digging deep. I am investing in myself every time, my efforts, and all the resources that are available to me are being used to create my new reality. 

What does my new reality look like? I am sleeping better. I am eating better. I am exercising more. I am feeling less stressed and anxious. I am enjoying being back in the entrepreneurs seat. I am adding value every single day. I am working less, accomplishing more, and making more money. I am creating lots of stuff. I am implementing cool business ideas that have been on the back burner for a long time. I am painting, writing, spending time with friends and family members, volunteering in my community, and, as a lifelong student, I am enjoying having time in my schedule to pursue all the new things I want to learn about.

The Good News is that you can join me on this amazing journey!

As an individual/entrepreneur, you like to do your own thing. But going at it alone is not always the best idea.

There comes a time when you need support to ensure that you and/or your business reach your full potential. And that’s where hiring a coach becomes a smart move.

I’ve personally experienced the benefits of hiring coaches and they have helped me: 

  • Get unstuck and find motivation

  • Challenge myself to discover and try new things

  • Increase my creativity and income

  • Find support and encouragement

  • Identify my strengths and weaknesses

  • Gain more confidence

  • Establish audacious but realistic goals

  • Prioritize my and my business needs first

  • Be accountable to someone

  • Harness my ideas


Stock Market Chart

If you're anything like me, your mind/ego doesn't like change and it will come up with a million reasons why you should procrastinate taking this next step to living a more fully balanced and fulfilled life.

Before I learned to work with it, my ego was a master excuse crafter - and I usually succomed to its messaging. One of the most prolific messages that my ego conjured up was:  

"I'm not good enough"

From this "not good enough" place, I played small. I compared myself to other people. I lacked confidence in my own unique way of showing up in the world. I felt awkward around other people. My creativity suffered. I turned my power over to other people.


If that doesn't seem tough enough, depending on the situation, here are some of the other fear-based excuses my ego crafted for me when I was facing decisions that would rock my life boat a little bit:

Excuses About Time

I’m too busy to do what I love.

I don’t have time to discover what I’m passionate about.

I’ve already put a lot of time into a different path.

I’ll do it—someday.

It’s too late for me now.

Excuses About Money

I don’t have the money to get started.

I need to continue earning exactly what I earn now.

I can’t make any changes until I pay off my debt.

I need a bigger safety net before I take a risk.

What if I can’t make any money at it?

Excuses About Knowledge

I don’t know where to start.

I don’t know enough to start.

I’m not smart enough to succeed.

I don’t know if I can make it.

I’m not an expert.

Excuses About Other People

My friends and family don’t think I can do this.

My friends and family don’t think I should do this.

I need to focus on the people who need me.

I don’t have anyone to do this with.

It’s all about who you know—and I don’t know the right people.

Excuses About Probability

Things likely wouldn’t pan out.

Many people have tried to do this and failed.

I’ll probably be scared and uncomfortable if I try.

I’m not sure if this is the “right” decision.


I began to understand that all of those messages were based on conditioned patterns and not on truth. I realized that I had the power to change the messages, so I did and my life has been forever transformed!


You, too, can begin right now to change the internal messages that are holding you back.

You see, the world needs you exactly as you are, with your unique blend of skills, talent, and potential. The difference you make isn’t just about where you end up, but also how you learn, grow, and share on the way there. 


Start right where you are today, believe in yourself, and take a leap of faith!


What are you waiting for?  1, 2, 3...JUMP!

Let's Get Started!

Our work together can add that extra edge that you may need to move forward to make the changes you want in life.

Here's what you can expect from me...

I will support you as you discover and generate the strategies to overcome any blocks that may be keeping you from living the life of your dreams.

With an emphasis on action, accountability, and follow-through I will support your personal and professional growth and development.

If we work together, I will provide you with:

  • Access to tried and tested tools

  • Consistency

  • Deep Clarity

  • Zero B.S. (yes, I mean zero)

  • High, yet realistic expectations

  • Hard-earned experience

  • Automation

  • Objective feedback

  • Honest, tough-love style accountability


If you are serious about making changes in your life, contact me today to schedule your 45-minute no cost-no obligation consultation where we will explore whether working together would be a good fit for us.  |  Tel: 202-480-0715

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